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County-level Disability and Employment Status Reports (2009)

These reports provide information on disability prevalence, employment outlook, disparities between people with and without disabilities, and county characteristics.

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Information for policy-makers on disability-related topics, including news and events, laws and regulations, and research and statistics.

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New York State Disability and Employment Status Reports

2011 Disability Statistics and Status Reports:  PDF (301 KB)  |   HTML

2010 Disability Statistics and Status Reports:   PDF (713 KB)  |   HTML

This report provides relevant and up-to-date information regarding disability and employment in New York State, based on the most recent data from the U.S Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS), the New York State Empire Poll, the Current Population Survey and administrative data on New York state programs that serve people with disabilities.

Coming in 2012 - Updated County-level reports for New York State!

Loyal readers may notice that the County-level reports published in 2009 (2009 Reports) are not available this year. For statistical reasons, the reports require three-year averages from the ACS (the 2009 report used ACS data for 2005-2007). In 2008, the Census Bureau changed the disability questions in the ACS (disability statistics faq), making the construction of three-year averages not possible until 2010 ACS data becomes available. Upon the release of Census Bureau three year estimates (2008-2010), we will update our County level reports.

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